Administrators are reliable contributors who have been entrusted with the means to maintain the overall quality of the site. With this in mind:

  • Administrators have the ability to create policies and guidelines that contribute to the enhancement of the site. (Any changes to the rules, policies or guidelines, should be discussed with the community and the other administrators).
  • Administrators have the authority to deal with behavioural problems such as vandalism, intimidation and inappropriate content. (Depending on the severity of the incident, this will result in either a warning or a block).
  • Administrators cannot shut out the opinions of others. But can revert and delete crack theories.
  • Administrators are expected to make a minimum of 10 edits a week to maintain admin status. If an admin fails to meet these requirements, they must have a valid reason for being unable to do so, and a new weekly edit target can be set.


Administrators should stay active to be able to assist the wiki, we understand this isn't always possible, so if you wish to take a leave of absence, here are a few guidelines:

  • Administrators may take a leave of absence by informing the community, or another administrator. Leaves of absence may be for any length up to three months.
  • When an administrator is inactive for two weeks without explanation, they will be marked inactive.
  • If an administrator does not edit for three months without explanation, it will be assumed that they have left the wiki and the administrator will be demoted.
  • If an administrator does not return from a leave of absence, they will be demoted three months after the leave of absence was supposed to finish.
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