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Ares (Kor. 아레스) is the main antagonist of the first two seasons and king of the Demans. He was the reason Lessa came to Earth.


Ares is a tall man with a powerful build. He has black curly hair, piercing yellow eyes, and bronze skin. He maintains an ageless youth. His clothing style is generally refined, though engineered to show off his status and to suggest power. As a Deman, he has two horns of average size on his forehead.

A thing that may be worthy of note is that he has a sun-shaped tattoo on the front of his right shoulder, and raw scars that seem to ignite on his back.[1]


Ares is very charismatic and calculative. He proves to be ruthless, with very little empathy to spare. This was not always the case, as the flashbacks into Lessa and Ares's past show he was a very generous and innocent young person, with a strong moral compass.


Ares met Lessa as a child, more than a thousand years prior to the story. It seems he was an orphan, and taken care of solely by Lessa. Ares craved for Lessa's affection, but failed to see it throughout his life. He died in his late twenties (most likely), and was quickly ressucitated by a grief-stricken Lessa.

Ares was then brought back to life, with new found horns and strength. The carnage he caused prompted Lessa to take him away to an isolated island, which would be later known as Hexagon Island. They spent a thousand years building a castle on their own, when human civilization was at their door again. Frustrated by his condition, jealous of Lessa's freedom of movement and intimacy with a human, Ares fails to help his mentor when the latter is attacked and assassinated by humans. Ares then lays him to rest in a coffin

When Lessa rises again, in contemporary times, he finds Ares unable to withstand the sunshine. Moreover, Ares surrounded himself with hundreds of Demans, using a power he was not meant to give away. Ares actively seeks a way to obtain all of Lessa's power, not out of cold hatred, more likely out of resentment and ambition.

Plot Overview


Ares is waiting in a dark room surrounded by the 2nd Generation Demans. A woman brings in an outfit designed by Mr. Pogo. Ares asks her to wait at the door. He tells the Demans to get ready, as Lord Lessa will awaken soon. He feels his heart pounding as Lord Lessa raises his hand to meet Ares'. Ares asks if he has had a good sleep.[2]
Ares finds Lessa wandering around after his encounter with Rano. Ares asks Lessa to return with him before dawn, since he can no longer live in daylight. Lessa is confused, as Ares explains the reasons why he is can only survive at night. Lessa asks what needs to be done as Ares asks about the bandage on Lessa's forehead. Without waiting for an answer, Ares rips off the bandage, telling Lessa he has a plan, before throwing it away.[3]


Powers & Abilities

Ares might have the ability to fly: he crashed through a window, with what seemed like flames remaining on his back.[4]





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