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Blocking is the method by which administrators can prevent users from editing on Lessa Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage, spam, vandalism or disruption. Blocks are sometimes used as a deterrent, to discourage the disrespectful behaviour that led to the block and to encourage a productive editing environment.

Administrators should not undo other administrators' blocks without prior discussion. Blatant vandalism, such as deliberately publishing nonsense and/or profanity to an article, warrants an immediate block and does not require a warning.

Reasons for Blocking

Accounts and/or IP addresses may be blocked for:

  • Harassment and/or personal attacks on another user(s)
  • Spamming and/or vandalism (i.e intentionally defacing a page)
  • Violation/disregard of the wiki's policies
  • Causing/inciting edit wars

Duration Of Blocks

  • First Offence = A written warning on the users wall. (Depending on the severity of the offence, a user may be blocked, immediately without warning. An immediate block that doesn't require a warning will last for a minimum of a year.)
  • Second Offence = A block lasting two weeks or more.
  • Third Offence = A block lasting three months or more.
  • Fourth Offence = A block lasting one year or an indefinite block.