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Canaria is a young Deman girl who lives in Zone 3 with her Aunt, who is later revealed to be her Mother. Wanting a better life for her and her Mother, she chooses to become one of Belle's Dolls.


Canaria is a young girl with shoulder-length, pale-green hair and pale yellow eyes. She has two horns on her head and wears a daisy in her hair. She is often seen in light blue dress.

After becoming one of Belle's Doll she wears a yellow caplet over a white dress.



Plot Overview

After Raynold, Lessa, Lexter and Young-sam in Zone 3 they investigate a house where Raynold enters Canaria's room. She appears to be a nice girl who helps Raynold hide from her Auntie. After a tense encounter with her Aunt (who we later find out is her Mother), she helps Raynold by telling him where he can find a computer with internet access before going down for dinner.
After hearing a scream from downstairs, Raynold and Lessa head toward the kitchen where Canaria is refusing to eat a human her Auntie caught for her. Canaria refuses so her Auntie hits her before Raynold kicks her Auntie and Lessa tries to kill her, Canaria begs them to leave her Auntie alone. Her Auntie mistakes them to be friends of Canaria, so she backs off.
Settling down Canaria tells them how the girls in Zone 3 want to become Belle's dolls so they have a chance at a better life and offers to help the team get into Belle's castle as her entourage, since she is going to go to the castle, to be judged, so she can become a doll, on the condition that they kill Belle. Canaria gets them to dress up as a horse (Raynold), a prince (Lessa), and two playing cards (Lexter and Young-sam) so they can sneak in.
At the Regal Turbo City Hall, Belle's castle Canaria tells them they can't take weapons inside so Young-sam remains behind with them. Inside the castle, Lessa is taken away by the guards. The test begins and they are faced with two doors, an In door if you are pretty enough or an Out door, if you are not. Lexter is separated and forced through the Out door, whereas Canaria and Raynold are allowed to continue through the In door. Auntie is told to wait in the lobby.
The room they enter is empty except for a large hole in the middle of it. Raynold goes to the edge when Canaria sneaks behind him and stabs him in the back with a knife. Raynold falls into the hole with Canaria looming over him, she tells him that the whole of Zone 3 is Belle's puppet show and that no one can escape her eyes because her surveillance cameras are everywhere.
It is revealed in a flashback that Canaria and her Mother bought illegal 5th generation vapour in order to become Demans so they could have a better life, with the vapour being weak, it left Canaria's Mother disfigured, so the two of them go to Belle, begging her to take them in, but she refuses because of how ugly the Mother is, however, since she knows their situation she gives Canaria the task of killing Raynold in exchange for making Canaria one of her dolls.
Exiting the throne room Canaria breaks down, she didn't want to kill and her Mother promises to take care of everything. Promising that she'll do anything as long as Canaria can live comfortably.
Back in real-time Canaria is being dressed up by attendees, she asks them where her Mother is so she can tell her the good news. The attendees look amused and tell her that Belle said to throw her Mother through the out door. Canaria runs to the door to see an incinerator. Asking a grave worker if he saw her Mother he said that whoever they were, they're all ashes now. Canaria digs through the ashes trying to find her Mother's bones in despair while Belle watches her through a screen.


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