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Following a disguised Luciel advice, Diane heads to the forbidden part of the forest. Heading deeper and deeper into the forest, she meets Lessa.

Lessa helps Diane pick berries, warning her to never return to this part of the forest, as there are lots of wild animals and it's dangerous. Diane replies she doesn't have a choice, and that he lives in the forest, without trouble. Lessa tries to argue, but can't think of what to say.

After picking the berries, Diane and Lessa sit down to rest. Diane is exhausted, while Lessa just sits there quietly. She thanks him for his help and offers him some water, to drink. Lessa says he's already had some and that she should have some. Diane wonders if he isn't hot.

Diane says he's weird and begins asking questions, so Lessa takes the water bottle and drinks some water. Diane watches him, and wonders aloud if he's not really a human, Lessa is surprised and spits out the water. He tries to think of an explanation, but before he can find the words, Diane apologises saying she didn't mean anything by it, and that she often tells her younger siblings stories about monsters and fairies that she made up.

Lessa is startled and begins asking about fairies, noticing his worry, Diane says she was joking. Before she leaves, she hands Lessa a large bag of raspberries asking him to share it with his forest friends.

Later that evening after dinner, Diane tells her siblings the story of her adventures in the forest, where she describes Lessa as a fairy of the forest. When Berry asks what the fairy looks like, she says he's the most beautiful fairy in the world, asking if he remembers when she described what the moon looks like to him.

The next morning Diane sets out early to go pick raspberries in the forest, she notices it's dark and rather scary. As she begins picking berries for the day, she hears rustling and wonders if it's Lessa, as she turns, she notices several wolves watching her from the shadows.

She runs only to be chased by the pack. Lessa intervenes using his powers to protect Diane. Lessa tells the wolves to leave, seeing his power the wolves do as they're told. Lessa returns to his normal appearance and asks Diane if she's alright. Before Diane can answer, a wolf bites Lessa's leg, seeing this Diane screams.

Lessa apologises to the wolf for interfering with their meal and that he'll repay him. The wolf understands and leaves. Lessa turns to see Diane huddled on the ground behind him, as he tells her, everything's alright now.

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