We here at Lessa Wiki hope that you time with us is enjoyable, we understand that not all users can get along, with everyone, all the time. So if you have a complaint about an admin or another user, please follow these guidelines:

  • Speak to the person you are having problems with, by writing a message on their wall. Be polite and civil when stating your problems. (Strong language or intimidating behaviour will not be tolerated).
  • Do not make a complaint by writing your message in BLOCK CAPITALS. Writing in this manner, usually signifies shouting and even if your message is polite, will be seen as intimidation resulting in an immediate 24 hour block.
  • If your complaint can't be resolved through talking with the user or admin in question, please speak to another admin, to see if they can mediate the situation between the parties concerned.
  • When making a request for mediation, do not bad mouth or slander the user or admin you are having problems with. Explain your issues calmly and clearly, linking any posts, threads or discussions related to the situation.


  • If you have been blocked, please speak to the blocking admin on his/her wall at Community Central, and wait for a response.
  • When appealing a block, please state your case, calmly and concisely. If the admin agrees with you, your block will either be lifted or shortened.
  • If you use strong language or intimidating behaviour, this may result in your block being lengthened.
  • If the admin does not agree with your case, then you will have to wait out your block.
  • Do not create sock puppet accounts to evade the block. Any suspected sock puppets will be blocked immediately.
  • An admin will not undo a block instated by another admin, the blocking admin must be the one to lift the block, if that is the decision reached. (The only time another admin will undo a block placed by an admin, is when the blocking admin has been demoted, or in extreme cases).
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