Demans are former humans, who became soul-eating monsters, by inhaling God's Vapour from another Deman. Their name is derived from a combination of the words 'Demon' and 'Human'. They hunt at night, since they have no immunity to sunlight and feast on Human souls, in order to prolong their life, and remain young. Demans have a hierarchy, with Ares at the top. There are 4 generations below him.

The government were unable to control the Demans so created The Hexagon Field, a sunlight city in order to protect the few.


All Demans have two horns on their head and sharp molars at the back of their mouths.




1st Generation

  • Ares is the only 1st Generation Deman, having received God's vapour directly from Lessa. Ares was told never to give that power to anyone, however after Lessa fell into a deep sleep, Ares under orders from Dark Lessa, passed the vapour on to others.

2nd Generation

3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation





First appearing in season 2, Angels are mutated Demans, who although being closer to a Demi-God in power, are jokingly referred to as "Angels". They are human-looking creatures created from deceased Demans who had received the Dark Power. Their power is much greater than those of Dogs, and they show signs of feeling and consciousness, even though they are said to be deaf, blind and mute.

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