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Lexter (Kor. 렉스터) is a human weapons designer and supplier. He first makes his appearance in Season 2.


Lexter is a young man of average build. His skin has a khaki brown complexion that compliments his pure black eyes. One notable feature of Lexter's appearance is his spiky lilac hair usually pulled back into a ponytail.

He is usually seen in a yellow sleeveless hoodie paired with baggy yellow pants.

During his time in Zone 3, he was disguised in a four of hearts card.



Lexter is the son of the weapons dealer who sold Lessa his sword.

With his father being a weapons dealer he has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to technology, weapons design and machinery. After his mother died his father didn't approve of his interest in weapons. So Lexter started hanging out at a friend of his father's house, who was a developer for Hexagon City, through whom he was introduced to other scientists and developers, eventually becoming an unofficial member of their team. 

Lexter was the one who came up with the idea of an artificial sun and the development process began. However, the financial backers, who were working under Ares did so with the express purpose of turning it into a sun that wouldn't burn Demans. The other developers soon realised this and removed Lexter from their team in order to protect him, as well as make him their backup plan to reprogram the suns to burn Demans.

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