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The following guidelines are required for all chapter pages, please read and follow all the information on this page, when creating new chapter pages:

  • All chapter information, should be as accurate and as detailed as possible.
  • All chapters should be named Chapter (chapter number), not Ep. 34 - The Abandoned City 13.
  • All chapters should be given the chapters category, as well as the season the chapter belongs to. Do not add additional categories such as characters, places, etc.
  • Use this template on all chapter pages and fill in as much information as possible.
  • All released chapters should include a chapter image. See, the image policy for more information on images.
  • Adding links for characters, items, locations, etc. is considered good practice.
  • Only add links for the first instance of a character, item, location, etc. All other occurrences should not be linked.

If you have any problems or issues, please speak to an administrator.