The following guidelines are required for all character pages, please read and follow all the information on this page, when creating new character pages:

  • Character Infoboxes - To create the tabs and infobox, use this template followed by this template.
  • Character Introduction - This should be a brief introductory sentence, giving a description of the character and where they fit into the story. Include the characters name, and the Korean name in the description.
  • Images - The infobox image should be clear and feature the full face of the character. Profile images are also acceptable, provided they show an accurate depiction of the character. Please read our image policy for more information on images.
  • Appearance - Describe the character's looks, attire, scars, tattoos, markings, etc.
  • Personality - Describe the character's personality using references from the Manhwa.
  • Background - Describe the history or family background of the character, using references from the Manhwa.
  • Plot Overview - Describe the events, actions of the related characters in the chapters. This section is split into three sections, one for each volume. Ensure you add the plot overview to the correct section, including references from the Manhwa.
  • Relationships - Describe the relationships the character has with other characters in the series. This section is split into four sections, one for each race. Ensure you add the characters to the correct section.
  • Powers & Abilities - Create a list of all the character's abilities, weapons, special skills, etc. Give a brief description of each ability, with a reference to the Manhwa.
  • Battles - List all the battles that feature the stated character in this section.
  • Trivia - This section is for any fun facts or information related to the character name, real world references, etc.
  • References - This is where all the references will be listed.
  • Navigation - This is for the character navigation template.

If you have any problems or issues, please speak to an administrator.

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