Ra (Kor. 라) is the creator God in the Lessa Manhwa. He is the one responsible for creating all living beings.




Ra came into being when the universe called for Balance. One day, he saw Dark Lessa and was captivated by her beauty and created the world in her image. When he realised she was unable to understand emotion and that she would destroy the world he had created, he sealed her away inside the purest being he could find. This being was a small goat with white fur. As the goat grew it began to look more and more like Dark Lessa. Ra left the young goat in the care of the Angels, until the goat managed to read Rabiel's mind. After Gabriel, Rabiel and Michael spoke to Ra of their findings, Ra told them, he'd named the goat Lessa and that he has decided to give it the power of a God, and he will sit behind his throne, and take care of the world while he is out. Ra had planned to teach Lessa goodness, so that the darkness would not return, however all that changed when Lessa went to Earth in order to save Ares, against Ra's wishes.

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