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Saint Elsade was a nun, with a special ability to cure and heal all injuries and diseases.




Saint Elsade had the ability to heal anyone no matter what the illness, and so she used this ability to help others. She was prophesied to end the Deman curse. This interfered with Dark Lessa and Ares' plan of creating a world filled with Demans. They couldn't kill her, since her soul would be reborn into the next generation, so Dark Lessa ordered Ares to place her in a state between life and death. Ares visited her with an unconscious Lessa and tricked her into giving up her life, to save Lessa. Elsade, having agreed to be taken instead of Lessa, had Dark Lessa's Soul sealed inside her. Leaving her in a corpse-like state between life and death. Rabiel told Lessa that her blood had been passed onto Dr. Jin Young-sam.

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