• Hey Sebastian Clarke,

    I was wondering if I could get your help with a few Korean words that need translations.

    It's to do with Moonlight Slash that HCLW uses. 

    The Hangul is 월광섬,

    I know 월광 means ;moonlight; but what about the '섬'? 

    Every single translation I can find of '섬' tranaltes it to 'island' but it is translted as 'Slash' in the webtooon. Does it actually mean slash or flash ( As in Moonlight Flash)?

    Thanks in advance,


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    • The second ones are '일검류' and '일도류'.

      Do they mean the same thing? They are both used before Moonlight Slash (Above) 

      '일검류 - 월광섬'  was used in Episode 1.  Webtoon transaled it as 'Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash' which ''''seems completely wrong'. HartigarnScans trasnlaed it as 'Ittō-ryū -  Moonlight Flash'.

      ''일도류 - '월광섬' was used in Episode 21. Line Webtoon Tranbslates '일도류' as 'One Sword Skill', could it be also translated as 'One Sword Style'? 

      Thanks in advance,


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    • Hi Nerman,

      Thanks for getting in touch. I don't know Korean, and normally use a combination of two translators to work out what is being said, although, I'm happy to help where I can.

      Webtoons official translations are sometimes inaccurate, and the translation can be changed from one chapter to the next especially when it comes to a character name, weapon name or an attack name.

      From the way you've described the above words, I'm going to assume, they're attack names, with that being said, I think Moonlight Slash, would be accurate, having looked at the first and twenty-first chapters, where he used the attack, the attack was a slash style attack, rather than a flash style attack, which would have involved a bright light or an explosion of some sort.

      In Korean Slash would be written 삭감, whereas Flash would be 플래시. Since, the word Island is written 섬, it seems like it could be a shortened version of Slash. So, in this case I'd go for Moonlight Slash.

      I'm having more difficulty with the last two words: 일검류 (Rom. ilgeomlyu) and 일도류 (Rom. ildolyu). I don't think they mean the same thing, although they are likely to be an attack name, that can't really be translated. Breaking the characters down, the first one gives: 일 (work) 검 (sword) 류 (flow), whereas the second word gives: 일 (work) 도 (degree) 류 (flow). I'd go with (일검류), since it contains the word sword in the Hangul, although I do agree that 'Mono Blade Rage - Moonlight Slash' sounds wrong.

      Both 'One Sword Skill' and 'One Sword Style' mean more or less the same thing, therefore, either is fine. Do HartigarnScans have any ideas on a possible translation?

      I'm sorry, I can't be more help, I really don't know any Korean. I've asked some friends, who speak Korean for advice, they may be able to help out more, I'll let you know when I get a response.

      Good luck,

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    • Thanks for the response Sebastian. 

      No problem. I'll try digging into it a bit more.


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    • You're welcome, sorry I couldn't be more help.

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