This page is for all the unnamed characters in Season 01 the Lessa Manhwa that play some kind of role in the story. Most will feature repeatedly, whereas some will only feature once or twice. Below are all the unnamed characters and how they serve to further the plot.


At the beginning of the series a young girl is running towards The Hexagon Field pursued by Demans. She asks the Hexagon Field Guards for help, but the senior guard refuses to help on the grounds it'd endanger themselves and the citizens inside the field. The girl pleads for the guards' help, until the Demans catch up to her. The young guard is shocked to learn there are humans outside the field and is sickened to see a Deman attack the girl and attempt to devour her soul. After Rano arrives and defeats the Demans, he takes the girl to be treated and chides the guards for not helping, despite carrying flame rifles. The senior guard smiles and warns Rano about Ares.


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